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Until further notice, this account is dead. Might start a new one some day. But for now, its just not happening. Thanks for the support over the years, and hopefully one day ill get back into it. Catch you guys and gals on the flip side.
So. If anyone is wondering, im open to most anything to make on commission. Except stuff i cant make... Shoot me a note for details. The price varies depending on the item in interest. So yeah. Thats it really. Commission me some stuff guys. And gals. Cause i need the money for more beadsss.
So everything's chill now. And I have a lot of plans, like remaking my perler minecraft tutorial with actual pictures, and just stuff in general. Just gotta make that kind of time now. Lovely
So... I moved to California. 3000 miles or so away from most of my family, my friends, and my girlfriend... So yeah. That happened.

To make things all the more better, my parents are getting a divorce. He already left once and came back. Now i gotta watch my step dad leave again... So yeah. Thats also a something to.

My classes also have me busy to the point to where i haven't even been able to do any bead projects in awhile. Plus im lacking the colors. I also have a shop again:…

Ive also got a 30% off coupon code for anyone whos interested in buying anything : PERLER1

So yeah. Hopefully this fills you in on everything going on here if your interested in that. Hopefully I'll be able to start doing more stuff soon. I really want to. Welp... Maybe I'll be more active. Maybe not. Guess well see soon enough. Till then, see y'all later!
So... Hiatuses suck. But I'm here now. At least for a little while.

And here's a video since I can't upload them:
Got some more beads after a few months. So... Yeah. Im back.
GUYS! Guys. And girls. I need money. So that means I need commissions. Which means I'll make any plastic thing your hearts could desire. As long as those desires are flat. Or realistic. For a fee of course. So. Commission me. And give me your hard earned cash. Thank you
HEY! HEY YOU! i have a new account, DrPixels It's gonna mainly centered around me improving my pixelated art... So yeah. There that is. Watch my new account guys. Thanks!
So I had an interview todat... god damn I hope I get this job. I REALLY NEED it. Badly. Wish me luck :(
It's already almosy March... Geez. I really need to pay more attention. It's only seemed like a week or two to me and everyday has been some other day. Like today feels like a Monday to me... :( Im so confuzzeled...
I'm not changing profiles after all. :T to much work. Figured I'd stick with this one. I'msolazy...
Yeah. I think im gonna. Definitely. As soon as i get a job... So that i may be able to afford more stuff since nobody buys it :T But i still need a name... Its probably going to be something to do with beads or pixels... But i still cant think of one... Damn i cant think. Ugh... The hamster on the wheel in my head... He's either dead or in a coma, i swear...
I kinda want one... But i wouldn't even know what to rename myself :T This names way to boring, but im awful at originality... Give me some ideas please? ^_^
Huh. So. I actually got some people to come here. After a whole year, half of which was a hiatus. If only i hadn't taken a break e_e. Oh well. But a 1000+ views? My stuff ain't even that good :T. But thanks to anyone who decided to follow me anyways. And to my friends for advice and whatnot. Don't think I'm going to get any nicer. Im just saying thanks -_- . Here's to another year of devious art! Happy new years!
I can't think of anything to make >_< AND IT'S DRIVING ME LOONY! I love making stuff, but i cant think of anything and no one does commisions >_> ever <_<
I wanna rant. About ponies. And why the hell are they taking over DevianART?! Da hell man?! Their animated colorful ponies. Geezus... I really don't see why the hell they are so popular.
Man. Ive got so many templates of these giant projects i wanna do, but no way to make them, for i am broke, and can not afford beads :T Hopefully christmas time changes that :iconchristmastreeplz:  :D
So after a long haitus from DA, im back, and man do i have to much to share on here. Dont know how much time ill be abel to put in, but i will be submiting alot here lately.
Ok... So... Didn't do well with sculping -_- which is total bull, but still... So i guess im going back to pixel art for now. Specially perler stuff... once i get them back after schools done... Damn parents...
Ok... Didnt work with that long either :T So. Imma gonna sculpt and paint now :D

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